Class Selections

For Girls & Boys Filled With Love & Joy!

Pre Ballet

Creative Movement

Tap Dancing

Children can experience rhythms and the great fun in stomping out the beat in tap shoes.  All you need is a solid surface for the metal taps to work their magic!

   For Boys & Girls                                                 

Children's worship music and bible songs make a great foundation for praise movement classes.  I have taught for many denominations and would love to design a program for your location!

Learning Emotional Intelligence and Self Expression

Children will learn to identify and express different emotions through pantomime, acting games and movement stories.  This class is great for building self-esteem and speaking skills!

Always Age Appropriate

All the cool moves to lively music that is family friendly and kid approved.  Children will work on choreography including locomotor and axial moves with confidence-boosting activities.

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Ages 2.5 through 6

Children love to explore the many ways their bodies can move through space to create unique shapes and patterns.  Gross and Fine motor skills are presented through exciting themed songs.  My favorite is about a lonely goldfish that travels to Jamaica!



Encourages Grace, Poise and Self Confidence                           

Real ballet technique is presented creatively in age appropriate steps.  Basic body positions and port de bras are explored through many types of music and songs that present ballet stories dancers love to act out!  My favorites include fairies, mermaids and princesses.

Creative Dramatics

Just Add Tap Shoes

Creative Hip Hop

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